Clara Selina Bach

Clara Selina Bach is a student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. She is based in Copenhagen and studies illustration, narratives and graphic design.

“I shift between the intuitive and the calculated in my work. I never plan the work exactly with sketches and the likes. I am driven by the unexpected, which comes about when I allow the illustration to go in its “own direction” by intuitively experimenting and playing with the material directly on the paper. I like the randomness and the texture which can come about in the analogue process as a contrast to the sharp and precise expression the digital process can add.”

“My work is always centred on my fascination with colours and shapes. I like working in a mixture between the abstract and figurative, the naïve and the expressive. I am inspired by random colours and shapes that I see during my day, my relations, pop culture and my memories.”

“Some of my favourite artists are Jockum Nordström, Tal R, David Hockney and Henri Matisse. I love the way that they use colour, the way they arrange their compositions and the way that they use people and cultural phenomena in their work in a beautiful, odd, observational, humorous and absurd way.” - Clara Selina Bach