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Daniel Friis Broundal (Broundal Handcraft)

Daniel Friis Broundal is a leathersmith based on the small island of Mors in northern Jutland.

“I have for many years been working with leather as a hobby, primarily taken inspiration from historical sources or from reconstructions from the early Middle Ages. I am self-taught through experience and research of old traditions and techniques. I want to create products that are functional and useful. In my design process I aim to create products that are Nordic and simple in their expressions.”

“All of the products are made from Italian vegetable tanned aniline leather, and they are all named after nature areas on the little island of Mors, where the products are made. This means that the leather is tanned by using natural tannins, for example bark or fruit, and that the surface of the leather is kept in its natural shape. For this reason the leather will (especially tan-coloured leather) change appearance throughout the years as the products are being used. It will additionally be possible to see a structure in the leather which reflects the animal’s life, which all together makes for a completely unique product.”

“The road leading up to when I receive the large pieces of leather is very long, and all of the processes are carried out by hand without the use of any machines at all.” - Daniel Friis Broundal (Broundal Handcraft)



Daniel Friis Broundal (Broundal Handcraft)

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