Dorte Niedziella (Strikaholic)

Dorte Niedziella is an autodidact textile designer. She is trained in classical music – as a block flutist specialising in music from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period. “I have concurrently with my musical work been exploring my interest in design – especially textile design. I was taught how to knit at a very early age by my grandmother, and this is something that has stuck with me.”

“The whole thing started a while back when I visited New York for the first time. I was instantly fascinated by everything about the city – even the graphics on the bus tickets were fascinating to me! I wanted to bring this fascination back with me to Denmark and I wanted to be able to share this fascination and joy with other people. I therefore decided that I wanted to combine my knitting technique and skills, and my interest in graphic work and interiors – and that’s when I started my company Strikaholic. The very first product I made was a large cushion which had the shape of a giant bus ticket!”

“The simplicity of knitting – to be able to create something by using yarn and a couple of knitting needles – is incredibly fascinating to me. This simplicity does of course also set some limitations, which I in turn also see as something very exciting and challenging.” - Dorte Niedziella (Strikaholic)