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Emil Hjorth-Rohde (EHR Studio)

Emil Hjorth-Rohde is an industrial designer based in Copenhagen. In 2014 he graduated with an MA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

“As an industrial designer I work with products which are simple and functional. It is the simplest things in life that I find the most fascinating. “

“My design process is very intuitive and it is the ideas that arise when I’m working in the workshop with the material that I develop. I often have a design idea and a new product in mind, and when I stand there with the material at the machine a logical and simple solution to the design often comes about for me.”

“The simple form language in my products supports my wish to implement the traditional craftsman techniques in the aesthetics of the design – an element which creates a connection between all of my products. It makes the most sense to me to use products that become even nicer when they are being used. The metals in my products can be polished to a complete gloss, and when they are being used they will get a patina and will age in a beautiful manner.” - Emil Hjorth-Rohde (EHR Studio)






Emil Hjorth-Rohde (EHR Studio)

Balance Light



"This light is inspired by the geometry and simplicity of the circle. The Balance light consists of a floating circle which balances and is kept together at a single point which...

Emil Hjorth-Rohde (EHR Studio)

Diakon Candle Holder


"The design for the candle holder came about when I needed to design a product that I could produce myself entirely - and at the same time it needed to...

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