Lise Vilslev and Mathilde Møberg (Copenhanger)

The limited space of small Copenhagen apartments inspired designers Lise Vilslev and Mathilde Møberg to create a floating coat rack made of FSC-certified wood that hangs from the ceiling by a leather cord. Copenhanger can be used anywhere in your home where space restrictions are challenged by storage needs. The highly functional product, named Copenhanger after its place of origin, fits into every room – from the kitchen & nursery to the hallway & bedroom. Copenhanger consists of eleven wooden pegs (5,5 centimetres long) that spiral harmoniously down an 85 centimetre pole. Its suspension consists of two metres of 5 mm thick leather cord – a length that ensures usability in high-ceilinged rooms. The diameter of Copenhanger is 15 centimetres. Copenhanger is made and manufactured in Denmark and is a FSC-certified product.