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Mona M. Schmidt & Pernille Siggaard

Mona M. Schmidt is a Danish Scenographer, designer and illustrator. She graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2009. Since then Mona has worked on several theatre and performance productions. Alongside working with theatre, Mona has been developing her design and illustration skills working with ceramics, watercolour and computer drawings. 

Pernille Siggaard is a Danish architect. She graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in 2011. Soon after she started working at the theatre Østre Gasværk in Copenhagen where she meet Mona M. Schmidt. Pernille has worked within the field of theatre and film production, mostly with production of props, hats and masks. In 2014 she started her own company with a focus on design and wood craftsmanship.

Mona's and Pernille's work is characterised by a playful attitude to the design process. They work within the crossover field between old crafts, material properties and new technology. The fascination of materials and its possibilities is an important source of inspiration. Their combined works show clear reference to their respective backgrounds as scenographer and architect.

“In the process of developing GLIMT01, we used a playful and investigatory approach testing the possibilities of the plywood in combination with the laser cutter as well as different colouring techniques. From the beginning our aim has been to create a design object paying respect to both the material and the Danish design tradition.”


Mona M. Schmidt and Pernille Siggaard



GLIMT01 is a handmade light piece designed and produced in Denmark by Mona M. Schmidt and Pernille Siggaard. "The light piece is hexagonal. Each side consists of a pattern made...

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