Morten Droob (Droobski)

Morten Droob is an origami artist from Copenhagen. He is the owner of ‘Droobski’ the design company. His work is centred on Nordic lines and Japanese traditions.  

“I get my inspiration from things I see during the day – a beautiful tree, a nice chair or even a photo on Instagram! I also find a lot of inspiration in the way in which paper behaves, so I get a lot of inspiration from simply having and feeling the paper between my fingers, and then just letting the paper and the folds express themselves. I usually have made some type of sketch which I work towards when I fold, but the paper often takes me in new directions and then I just have to let go and follow these new directions.”

“I also work as the production manager for a large theatre in Copenhagen, and I use origami as a manner to be able to relax and also to do something entirely different with my hands. I find a lot of enjoyment in being creative and coming up with new designs. But I similarly find a lot of enjoyment in stepping into “production-mode” and simply letting my fingers run over the folds and create one lamp after the other.” - Morten Droob (Droobski)