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Morten Emil Engel (MEE Studio)

Morten Emil Engel is an architect and furniture designer living and working in Copenhagen.

“At the moment I am very interested in creating furniture that move away from the industrial aesthetic which has become the norm. I work with materials that are imperfect. When I work with wood I love to show the wood’s “imperfections” and “mistakes” which are often cut off in more commercially-focused products. For me the honest character of the material creates something unique and personal in each piece of furniture. At the same time, however, I work with a very rigid and rational geometric form, which helps create an iconic and timeless form of expression.” - Morten Emil Engel (MEE Studio)


Morten Emil Engel (MEE Studio)

Plank Bench


Plank Bench is a bench that highlights the solidity, weight and the textural surface of its material. The bench is constructed by a single 70 mm thick oak plank with four...

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