Rasmus Svingel (Rumværk)

Rasmus Svingel is a recent graduate of the Aarhus School of Architecture. He has also recently established his own architectural studio, and his photographic and illustrative work is carried out under the name ‘Rumværk’ meaning ‘Space Making’. 

“In my drawing and in my photography, I interpret what the world sees. When I draw, I pick up stories and details from the everyday that interests me. The drawings make it possible to come up with new stories and give objects and space new qualities and properties. I often draw my compositions with pen, which I then scan and make digital. I hereafter continue the drawing and explore and refine the colours, textures and the shades.”

“I work as an architect in my own studio, and my drawings aren’t my primary output. Many of the drawings are bi-products of some of the thoughts I play with and come up with in my studio and in my spare time. The drawing ‘Freight’ is, for example, based on an architectural concept which is focused on the idea of using a series of freight ships as an architectural platform. Other drawings, like the ‘Kutter’ series is based on my fascination with travelling and the mystical elements that I associate with the fishing industry. I find it fascinating the way in which these small boats leave harbour for then to disappear for many days – days where they don’t know how much they are going to catch and what they are going to bring back.” - Rasmus Svingel (Rumvaerk)