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Jonas Edvard

Gesso Light (Blue Berlin)

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Gesso Light made by Jonas Edvard by hand in Denmark. Each light is completely unique.

Here's Edvard description of his Gesso project:

"65 Mill years ago the great Nordic coral reef covered the underwater surface with thriving organisms – bryozos and corals – creating a constant developing layer of Calcium. Today the coral reef exists as a mineral deposit containing high-value Limestone which are quarried and used for cement and as fertilizer. The quarry stretches over 2000 m2 and is an interesting geological location containing a vast amount of fossils buried in the different white layers of ancient times. Limestone is a sedimentary rock existing of millions of layers compressed into a solid figure – by grinding and sorting the limestone the material is converted into powder – building blocks from which new life can exist."

h: 18 cm x ⌀: 18 cm - includes a 3 meter fabric cord.

Made in biocomposite from Limestone and bio-resin.

Available in two other colours. 

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